4CH 2.4GHz Mini Radio Single-Propeller RC Helicopter Gyro V911 RTF White&Blue

4CH 2.4GHz Mini Radio Single Propeller RC Helicopter Gyro V911 RTF White&BlueLeonardo DaVinci, Eat Your Heart Out…

This 4CH 2.4GHz classic-form mini RC helicopter is engineered with a pioneering single propeller and built-in Gyro. The craft is extremely lightweight, boasts strong resistance to impact, and offers steady and agile flying performance. What’s more, it is the first RC helicopter that can really handle windy weather.





  • 4CH 2.4GHz Mini Radio Single-Propeller RC Helicopter Gyro V911 RTF
  • White & Blue
  • Steadied with built-in Gyro
  • The first RC helicopter that can fly outdoor in windy weather

Details & Price

This product was manufactured by WL.

Brand: WL
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3 thoughts on “4CH 2.4GHz Mini Radio Single-Propeller RC Helicopter Gyro V911 RTF White&Blue

  1. Pandafish

    I have flown a LOT of R/C planes. Gas, Electric, Glider. I own an embarrassing amount of coaxial helis. This beats them all – No joke.

    You should know – I suck at flying helis. Badly. I fly them all the time in the Realflight Sim (Excellent BTW), and it ends in tragedy and disaster. Every time. Every. Time.

    I’m fairly good at flying coaxial helis, however. Pretty much anyone with a pulse would be. I think you could manage if you are missing an arm. They are fun for poking around the house at about 1ft/sec top speed, they will hover while you make yourself a sandwich, and supreme at playing ‘what can I land on’ games (The Syma 107 cannot be beat for that). I have some big ones for flying outside. They are terrible outside. I want to fly outside…

    Then I read glowing reviews about the v911. Beginners love it, CP Snobs sneer at it. Perfect. For under $50 I was in.

    When I got it in, I was concerned. The Syma 107 I have has…

  2. Dan (aka THXkid)

    I have this model but in the black and orange color, wish I had got this blue and white model, this bird is easy to fly, very durable, handles breezes quite well, is quite fast almost too fast for inside use. after over 50 flights with this I have noticed one slight flaw, the swash plate center piece will rise up causing the helo to drift backwards, so just make sure to push it back down after each flight, there is a fix buy the nine eagles 260a pro swash plates for $3 and it will cure the problem I went ahead and spent the $9 and the nice light weight aluminum CNC parts for just cause they are cool looking. I am really hoping to get a second one (blue and white) to add to my already 9 helicopters. I did not buy mine from this seller I got mine from banggood.com and at that time for $45 its now $53, but so much better than it counterparts the align T-100s and the nine eagles 260a Pro and a whole lot cheaper also.

    3/21/12 got new 2nd one blus and…

  3. Chris

    I own probably like 8 Syma RC Helicopters. I shied away from these because they were more than twice as expensive as the best mini Syma( the S109G Apache). But I decided to go for it after seeing the steller reviews.

    If you are like me, you are wondering why you should buy this instead of a the mini Syma’s which are half as much. The answer is that the Syma’s are great for what they are, which is very stable helicopters that you can fly indoors, but this is a whole different ball game. This is a much higher quality toy with different capabilities.

    Major differences:
    * The remote is a very nice 2.4ghz remote control instead of the cheap infrared kind that only works indoors. (this is fine for a Syma which isn’t powerful enough to fly outside anyway). The remote comes with much more sophisticated trim adjustment and an LCD display.
    * This comes with two batteries, plus a charger that can charge both batteries at the same time. The batteries are not even…


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