The Secret to Success Is Creative Visualization

You Can Magnify Your Success for Any Goal
Through the Practice of Creative Visualization

Perhaps you’ve heard of creative visualization, but I’m pretty sure you don’t really understand its power. Few people, even those who teach it in relation to the Law of Attraction, grasp the principles involved.

In this 12-minute video Vishen Lakhiani takes you on a journey to share the latest scientific investigations, some very astonishing facts, some proven methods and he also discusses the still-unanswered questions on why creative visualization works and gets such powerful results for many people.


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Vishen explains that before you set your intention — you need to be crystal clear on WHAT you desire. In this video, you’ll be guided into a series of ‘thought exercises’ that will focus your mnd on the clarity you need.

Vishen also describes upcoming Mindvalley Academy Class on Creative Visualization with Lisa Nichols. For more information about this training, click the link below:

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Here’s a breakdown of what you’re going to learn in this video at each time interval:

1:15 – Why you need to use creative visualization if you want to make a change in the world.

2:48 – Some case studies from people who visualized their future
and created their life consciously.

3:57 – The scientific theories behind creative visualization.

4:38 – A slightly more metaphysical explanation.

5:08 – Do we need to understand how something works to benefit from it?

6:01 – Are you a “Reality Architect”?

6:52 – Why most people are in a “negative spiral”.

8:02 – How do you start with creative visualization?

8:45 – How long do you need to practice visualizing to see effects?

9:53 – The unanswered questions around creative visualization.

10:58 – A special upcoming masterclass with Vishen and Lisa Nichols.

Designed by two legendary personal growth leaders, Vishen Lakhiani and Lisa Nichols, Creative Visualization is the most advanced, updated and complete creative visualization course designed to reprogram your subconscious blueprint so you can improve any area of your life in less than 20 minutes a day.

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