The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing — Coffees Explored, Explained and Enjoyed

The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing -- Coffees Explored, Explained and EnjoyedBeans & Brews – A Coffee Table Book on Coffee

Service professionals and lay enthusiasts alike will glom onto this beautiful book by James Hoffmann. From overviews of the world’s most vibrant coffee-growing regions, to step-by-step brewing tutorials, the prose is educational, thought-provoking, and substantive. Have a cup of your favorite blend and sit down to enjoy a beautiful world almanac of coffee.

“I’ve already recommended this book to Barista Magazine readers countless times.” — Sarah Allen, Editor Barista Magazine.

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2 thoughts on “The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing — Coffees Explored, Explained and Enjoyed

  1. R. M. Peterson

    My college-age sons tell me that what I call “coffee” isn’t coffee. Understand, I started drinking the stuff over a half century ago, before the age of twelve. Most of what I drank was either instant or poured from pots on hot plates at diners, convenience stores, and office kitchenettes. I now grind my own beans and brew my daily pot of coffee with an electric drip coffee-maker. My sons still make fun of my plebeian tastes. They tell me that there’s a whole ‘nother world of coffee out there.

    THE WORLD ATLAS OF COFFEE serves as a tremendous introduction to that brave new world of specialty coffee. There are three parts. Part One covers such things as the coffee tree, the coffee fruit, harvesting and processing coffee, and how coffee is traded. Part Two is “From Bean to Cup”: coffee roasting, buying and storing coffee, alternative brewing approaches and equipment (including French Press, “pour-over” brewing, the Aeropress, and the stove-top moka pot), and espresso…

  2. Knits in Tardis

    New books on the topic of coffee love are published on a pretty regular schedule and a lot of them are frothy ponds of coffee recipes and trivial nonsense. The book that always comes to mind if I’m asked to recommend a book is by Kenneth Davids. For further reading, I always mention the huge resource library at the Sweet Maria’s website. Now, I might add this book to my list, at least for those who are new to coffee obsession. (For the truly caffeinated, may I suggest by Robert. W. Thurston. It’s an exhaustive and exhausting joy to read – accessible, but with plenty…


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