Angels’ Cup The Black Box: A Gourmet Coffee Sampler and Blind Tasting Gift Box

Angels' Cup The Black Box: A Gourmet Coffee Sampler and Blind Tasting Gift Box Hone Your Coffee Cogniscience.

The Black Box lets you blind-sample coffees from top third-wave roasters, record tasting notes without any upfront bias, and then compare answers with the roaster. Whether you’re a newbie just getting into coffee or a seasoned coffee cogniscienti, the Black Box is both educational and a fun experience. Effectively we turn coffee into a “Game of Thrones” where you educate your palate while striving to separate the kings from the jesters.


  • 100% arabica, single-origin coffee from top 3rd-wave roasters
  • Each box includes 4 different samples, 2.75oz each, 11oz total for the box
  • Samples shipped fresh, within 1 week of being roasted
  • The samples are blind-labled to preclude any bias by origin, and use a code on the bag for identification
  • Use our app to record notes like a pro and compare answers with the roaster

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This product was manufactured by Angels’ Cup.

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3 thoughts on “Angels’ Cup The Black Box: A Gourmet Coffee Sampler and Blind Tasting Gift Box

  1. Steve Szeliga

    For the longest time I have always wanted to get into coffee. I was always very interested in beer, wine, whiskey, and cigars and this seemed like a logical progression for my palate. The problem is that there are SO MANY coffees and origins and roasts that it can be a little intimidating for someone looking to dip their toe into the waters of great coffee without cream/sugar etc.

    Angels’ Cup provides a unique coffee subscription service that delivers coffee to my door on a weekly basis and allows me to expand my palate and learn to taste and recognize new flavors. The process is genius, grind your blind bag of beans (with a cheat sheet if you need one) and start your tasting armed with their free app. Before you know it, you are starting to pull all these flavors that you never knew would exist in coffee.

    The free app, which is available on both your phone and desktop is what really sets this coffee subscription box apart from the rest of the coffee…

  2. Rachel Northrop

    I love receiving Angels’ Cup Black Box in the mail; it’s like a mini coffee scavenger hunt! Because the samples are unlabeled, I’m able to taste the coffees and challenge myself to really tune into the aromas and tastes to try to figure out where the coffee is from. I use the Angels’ Cup tasting app to record my observations and compare what I noted in the cup to the "big reveal" at the end, which identifies the coffee origin, roaster, and roastmaster’s notes. (Sometimes I do peak at the info card that comes in the box and includes the same info; when I have the time to use the app that’s a lot more fun!)

    The four coffees in each box always represent different coffee growing regions (terroirs) and different roasters across the country. I’ve been able to try coffees from regional roasters who’s products are not available in New York. For both the coffee newbie and the longtime addict, Angels’ Cup Black Box tasting pack is an exciting way to keep learning and loving…


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