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Will an MRI Scan Reveal Your Wealth Pattern?


We live in an information age of astounding diversity, expanding knowledge and discoveries coming at us so fast that most people can’t keep up with them.

So you may not yet be aware that science has uncovered the “wealth pattern” in your brain.

Standard MRI scans show that during conscious actions, related portions of your brain will “light up” becoming activated. And they show that, like your self-image of how you think you look, you also have a wealth self-image that shows up as a set of habit patterns rooted deep in your subconscious. And these habit patterns will often fight against your conscious decisions and will-power to improve your life financially.

You see, when you try to change any stubborn habit or behavior, related brain areas activate to work to resist any change! The brain is actually programmed to fight against making the new neural connections needed to create any new counter-habit.

The active brainYou can train your brain to a new wealth mindset.The brain is not “lazy” — but it’s perversely stubborn. It’s really just protecting itself, but this goes a long way to explaining the differences between people who seem to “have it all” and those who constantly struggle with money issues. Successful people have a dynamic “wealth pattern” permanently programmed into their brains, probably since childhood. For them, making money easily and consistently is a simple habit that they barely have to think about.

But for people without this neural “wealth pattern” achieving financial success is a constant uphill battle, and usually fails. And yet… couldn’t there be some way to zero in on these subconscious neural wealth boosters? And then to isolate the behavior patterns of a Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs… and hundreds of other successful multi-millionaires? You may have noticed an interesting fact of life: people who hang out with millionaires usually become millionaires themselves!

Okay, you can’t hang out at the country club all day, I know. But, if you want to hear about a new technology, a way to rewire your brain so that you can easily develop a new habit of wealth, the video below by my friend Winter Vee will show you what the latest brain science discoveries mean about how you can actually implant an abundance mindset into your own brain.

In short, he shows you can program your subconscious mind to see itself as a Millionaire’s Brain.

Click this link to watch this amazing video now.

Some of what Winter will explain may be hard for you to believe, but remember — your brain will actively resist anything that requires it to develop new thinking patterns. In the video Winter will review the 3 simple steps it takes to open the door to upgrading your Wealth Mindset and jumpstart your brain into a new abundance-oriented breakthrough.

It’s like installing new wealth-software into your brain. And from that point on, being wealthy becomes… well, a habit. A pleasant habit, I might add, of how you think about yourself, and about money.

If you’re someone who doesn’t believe in the possibility of self-improvement, or that you can develop new attitudes and habits for success and wealth, this isn’t for you. But if you want to commit to success in the financial areas of your life, and step up to join the ranks of the truly wealthy, go ahead and watch the video now and you’ll see that’s it’s not only possible to create more abundance and wealth in your life, create more income doing what you enjoy, and even quit your day job… in fact, it’s rather easy.

And it will start to reshape the way you think about your life, and reshape your brain into a millionaire’s brain starting this week.

Prepare to reboot your conscious mind…

Millionaire Brain Video

Watch this video and see a new realm of possibilities.

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